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So Damn Proud

Stageplay, full-length


Switching from key moments in two sibling’s life—utilizing a mix of mystery, drama, humor, and contemporary + traditional Coast Salish inspired dance—SDP weaves a unique tale of a mixed-race North American family.

update february 2019

It’s hard to believe it’s been over two years

In October 2016 with the fantastic help of the people who gave (below), alongside the incredible actors working with Desiree and Melissa, the stage reading for So Damn Proud in Seattle was an incredible success. Everyone’s generosity ensured that Shaun and Lily could join us in Seattle from out of town (oh, plus me too) and that the actors all got honoraria for their time.

The reading in the massive lobby of the Seattle Rep gave this story a chance to put its best foot forward in front of a well attended audience in my hometown (technically, Bainbridge Island is my hometown, but close enough!). Its reception was so wonderful. Lots of great feedback for me to consider.

Despite the successful event, it did not attract a theatre producer in Seattle.

I have pursued a couple of theatre companies in Vancouver where SDP would work phenomenally well, but these don’t seem to be options right now. So, as far as where and when it will be produced, I’m back to square one.

There is an idea afoot to produce it in my aforementioned, actual hometown. Lots of work to do there. There are also a couple of other venues in Vancouver that would be excellent, so the search continues. I also have identified collaborators to woo, along with the ones I have already wooed, and others I am currently wooing…

For anyone who’s ever produced a play knows (an interdisciplinary one at that) it’s a massively taxing undertaking— spiritually, economically, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Given how my focus has turned to, well, eating, and to my screenwriting projects, SDP continues to be a project whose time will come. Just not right this moment.

Thanks for reading. Please check back again or, of course, feel free to get in touch with me directly.

A shout out to all the outstanding folks whose donations made the October 2016 stage reading both possible and a great success:

  • PRODUCING PARTNERS: JC Cancedda and Ryan Reith


  • SUPERSTARS: Denise Almojuela, Ruth Nahanee, Gilda Corpuz, Kenda Greenwood, Dan & Bev Crawford, and Jean Bruce Scott

  • AMAZING ONES: Colleen Almojuela, Eric Anderson, Janice Almojuela Page, Jayne Entwistle, Marcos Meconi, Ryan McDonough, Rod Barr, Robin Greiner, Corbett Trubey, Christine Cali, and Amy Agius

  • THE ADVOCATES: Alicia Briones, Daniel Larner, Deirdre Brenner, John Flodin, Kate Wingard, Louie Gong, Nathan Seney, Ramon Esquivel, Ray Whipps, and Solar


staged reading presentation with the
NW playwrights Alliance at seattle Repertory theatre

OCTOBER 10, 2016  7PM

WITH Lily Gladstone, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Shane Regan, Adria LaMorticella, Sarah Winsor, Mark Fullerton, Meaghan Mary Halverson. DIRECTED BY Desiree Prewitt, assisted by Melissa Woodrow and Juliet Waller-Pruzan. 

So Damn Proud speaks to a desire to create work that honors the inherent beauty that is the fabric of our collective experience in North America. 

Specifically, the profound experience of Native Americans living amongst a dominant culture that at times views this living, breathing people as a relic—one objectified as a mascot, a costume, and an entity of the past. 

So Damn Proud is often hilarious. Yet, this highly-charged drama digs deep, taking a gritty and poignant look at family.

To find out more about this work and how you can be a part of it visit the Indiegogo page here or Facebook here.


Native Voices at The Autry
17th Annual Festival of New Plays

Stage reading workshop and performed at The Autry, May 28, 2015 and La Jolla Playhouse, May 31, 2015.