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Playwright & Screenwriter

current and recent work

The Skins Game

Screenplay, feature


After meeting in jail, two Native Americans embark on an impromptu road trip that evolves into a mission to correct the insidious racism perpetrated against their culture, starting with that damned Redskins mascot.

 Whistler Film Festival | Praxis Screenwriters Lab – Phase I, June 2018

Whistler Film Festival | Praxis Screenwriters Lab – Phase I, June 2018

  • Current Coverfly score: 437

  • 2018 WFF Praxis Screenwriters Lab

  • 2017 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Finalist, 2017. (1,000+ writers, 32 finalists)

  • 2017-2018 Fresh Voices Screenplay, Quarterfinalist.

  • 2017 Ojai Film Festival screenplay competition, Semifinalist.

  • 2017 Emerging Screenwriters Top 100 placement.

  • 2016 Beverly Hills Film Festival, Screenplay Official Selection.

  • 2016 Oaxaca FilmFest; chosen for award competitions: Global Script Challenge, Original Concept, and Comedy.

  • 2016 BlueCat Screenwriting Competition, Quarterfinalist.

  • 2016 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Competition, Quarterfinalist.

  • 2016 Sundance Lab, second round selection.

  • 2015 Evolution, Mallorca International Film Festival, Finalist.

  • 2015 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Official Selection.

  • Available on The Black List

Boundary Bay

dramatic SERIES for television


1858: An indigenous tribe battles violent settlers at the U.S.-Canadian border. Meanwhile, in 2018,
the tribe's descendants attempt to defend the same land from a nefarious corporation.

Excerpt from a reviewer on the Black List; PUBLISHED, March 5, 2018:

BOUNDARY BAY is quite impressive in its plotting. The script spans three time periods — 1858, 2002, 2018 — and seamlessly weaves them together to propulsive effect. The writer smartly utilizes the show's core cast across the multiple timelines, which is a really cool and stylistic gimmick that also feels economical from a production standpoint. Telqtela / Marissa is a particularly strong, double role for any actor who's lucky enough to play the two women; both of whom are loaded with fortitude and savage grace. That said, all of the show's cast works well in this piece; thoughtfully conjured, delightfully varied, and all involved in dynamic subplots that keep the pilot chugging forward with steam. Alan's antagonist arc is especially compelling and rife with uneasy tension and mystery. Thematically, this show feels all too relevant in its examination of race relations, ownership, and activism, which indicates that audiences would have an easy time identifying with this series. Finally, the show's U.S.-Canadian border setting feels relatively unique and filled with the potential to be gorgeously gloomy and cinematic as it plays on TV screens.

So Damn Proud

Stageplay, full-length


Joanne and Joe are on opposite paths. Switching from key crossroad points along their life journey, the play uses
a mix of mystery, irreverent comedy, engaging drama, and contemporary & traditional Coast Salish inspired dance to weave the tale of a mixed-race North American family.

Hole in the Donut



This hour-long dramedy—a comedic twist on the all-too-often somber addiction narrative—follows two hipster-New Yorker alcoholics as they crash-land into AA and into the arms of a famous actor, who’s secretly shooting up again.

  • PAGE Awards competition, second round.

  • second draft in process


One-hour Network Television Pilot


A sports-drama. A female teen-athlete who cracks the male varsity baseball team, has a secret crush
on the team’s shortstop, destined for the major leagues. The two hold more secrets that challenge the
status quo of their conservative student body and hometown.

  • second draft in process

  • workshopped with writers from Stowe Story Lab

The Traveler



A wandering Native American in Australia finds the love of his life in the Aboriginal bartender—
she has no choice, she must roofy him.

  • Draft in process


Webseries pilot 


A ruthless socialite forms an environmental activist group of oddballs to get back at her conservative mayor ex-husband.

  • Roles: Executive Producer, Co-Writer, Actor

  • Eight-minute Pilot awarded funding via Canadian telecommunications company Telus’ Storyhive Competition [click to watch], Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Premiered.

You Move On



Raised on the Reserve next to a high-profile campus, two cousins’ lifelong friendship is tested when one of them begins to excel as a student at the university, while the other stays at home to raise her kid.

  • UBC Players Club commission for University of British Columbia's 100th Anniversary.

  • Created for and dedicated to the Musqueam Nation where UBC exists.

All My Relationships

radio play

  • commissioned one-act: All My Relationships

  • Spirit Song Theatre commission, a comedy. Performance at Native Education College, 2017; broadcast as a radio-play on Aboriginal radio throughout Canada.




A man, a woman, and her dog. These three are on a collision course. A dark and surprising tale about
the lives of our neighbors.

  • “An intriguing story. So much creepiness...” —Cinequest Reviewer

  • Long-listed, Hot Shot Shorts 2015.

  • Hot Shot Shorts 2015, Vancouver, Long-listed. Available.



M.F.A. University of British Columbia —Joint MFA Creative Writing & Theatre (September 2015)
AWARDS: Cordula and Gunter Paetzold Fellowship, Aboriginal Graduate Fellowship, Faculty of Arts Graduate Award. 

B.A. Western Washington University, Fairhaven — Cultural Diversity and the Dramatic Arts

Additional Training

ACT Theatre, Seattle — Playwriting: Stephanie Timm
HB Studios, New York — Playwriting: Julie McKee
Upright Citizens Brigade, New York — Sketch and Improv
New School University, New York — Stand-up Comedy